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Stress Injury Risk for Patrollers  
Southern Division OEC
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OEC 5th Edition

Outdoor Emergency Care® is the NSP's award-winning training program for patrollers and others in the recreation community who deal with emergency situations. This nationally recognized program is designed to help you manage the toughest emergencies, in all seasons.

Developed in the late 1980s for the 28,000 members of the National Ski Patrol, Outdoor Emergency Care is a training program that is tailored to the nonurban rescuer. Over the years, OEC has evolved to address the needs of other outdoor-based emergency care providers too, including wilderness medical technicians, river rafting and mountaineering guides, members of search and rescue groups, mountain bike patrollers, and parks and recreation employees.

Today, OEC is considered the standard of training for emergency care in the outdoor environment and is recognized by resorts and recreational facilities in all 50 states.


OEC programs includes the following courses:

  • OEC Course (a hybrid or in-person training course with approximately 80 to 120 hours of instruction)
  • OEC Challenge (Dr, RN, EMT, Paramedics,etc... can challenge the course.)
  • OEC Refresher Program (Yearly refreshers to maintain certification)
  • OEC Enhancement Seminar
  • Outdoor First Care (OFC is a First Aid certification level, typically held by those who work at the Resort that are not required to have Outdoor Emergency Care)

For more information about course offerings please contact your ski resort representative or the division supervisor for more information.

6th edition OEC Manual

Printed book + advantage is recommended. The book will be needed for reference when doing yearly refreshers. Ebooks come with a limited time for use.

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OEC Supervisor
Asst. OEC Supervisor
Steve Ebb Aileen Cassidy

Southern Division Outdoor Emergency Care
Division Program
High South Region
Cataloochee Patrol
Cataloochee OEC Instructor Refresher at Cataloochee Ski Area
Cataloochee OEC Instructor Refresher 10-1-2022 Jeff Bennington
Cataloochee Patrol
Cataloochee Annual OEC Refresher at Cataloochee Sunday, October 16 2022
Cataloochee Annual OEC Refresher 10-16-2022 Jeff Bennington
Wolf Ridge Patrol
Saturday, October 23 Wolf Ridge OEC Instructor Refresher
Wolf Ridge Instructor OEC Refresher 10-23-2022 Suzie Johnson
Ober Gatlinburg Patrol
Ober Gatlingburg OEC Instructor Refresher at Ober Saturday, October 29 2022
Ober Gatlinburg OEC Instructor Refresher 10-29-2022 Clarke Chambers
Ober Gatlinburg Patrol
Ober Gatlinburg Annual OEC Refresher at Ober Sunday October 30, 2022
Ober Gatlinburg Annual OEC Refresher 10-30-2022 Clarke Chambers
Wolf Ridge Patrol
Wolf Ridge Annual OEC Refresher Saturday, November 5
Wolf Ridge OEC Refresher 11-5-2022 Suzie Johnson
Blue Ridge Region
Sugar Mountain Patrol
OEC Instructor Refresher
Sugar Mt/Beech Mt Instructor Refresher 9-10-2022 Theresa Varner
Appalachian Patrol
Appalachian Instructor Refresher
Appalachian Instructor Refresher 9-17-2022 Anne Donadio
Sugar Mountain Patrol
Sugar Mt OEC Refresher
Sugar Mt OEC Refresher 10-1-2022 Cammie Hale
Appalachian Patrol
Appalachian OEC Refresher
Appalachian OEC Refresher 11-5-2022 Anne Donadio
Ski Beech Mountain Patrol
Beech Mt OEC Refresher
Beech Mt OEC Refresher 11-5-2022 Frances Edwards
Virginia Region
Massanutten Patrol
IOR Josh Maker jbaker@massresort.com IT Michelle Tucker mltucker82@gmail.com
OEC instructor pre-refresher 10-1-2022 Josh Baker
West Virginia Region
Timberline Patrol
Start time 9:00 AM
Timberline Mountain OEC Instructor Refresher 9-17-2022 Jeff Ayers
Timberline Patrol
Start time 8:00 AM
Timberline Mountain OEC Refresher and Lift Evacuation Training 10-15-2022 Jeff Ayers
Timberline Patrol
Time to be Determined
Mass Casualty Incident Simulation 10-16-2022 Jeff Ayers
Snowshoe Patrol
Start time to be determined
Snowshoe OEC Instructor Refresher 10-22-2022 Charlotte Bradley
Snowshoe Patrol
Start time to be determined
Snowshoe OEC Refresher 10-23-2022 Charlotte Bradley
Winterplace Patrol
Instructor Refresher starting at 8:00 AM
Winterplace Instructor Refresher 11-5-2022 Cindy Boehling
Winterplace Patrol
Refresher begins with Check In at 12:00 noon with patrol meeting at 12:30 and OEC Refresher starting at 1:00 pm .
Winterplace OEC Refresher 11-5-2022 Cindy Boehling
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