Southern Division Elections
Summary of the NSP Southern Division Election Procedure

Elections are held every other year, on the odd number years. The election is for the Division Director who serves a two-year term with a maximum of three consecutive terms.

Every patrol in the Southern Division has one vote that is cast by the Patrol Representative of record. The Division staff appointments are made by the Division Director with the exception of the Past Division Director who automatically serves a two-year term concurrent with the newly elected Division Director.

The election procedure requires that all candidates must submit a resume of qualifications and have the option to include a platform. Specific qualifications for DD can be found in the By-Laws that are published in the Southern Division website. The candidate's information is published in the January/Mid-Winter issue of the Southern Cross.

All patrollers are encouraged to take an active part in this election procedure by reviewing the nominee's position and qualifications and voicing their opinions to the Patrol Representative.

2019 Candidates for the NSP National Board of Directors

The following are Candidates to fill four positions on the NSP National Board of Directors from 1/1/2020 thru 12/31/2023.

The election will start in October, and the Candidates' resumes and position statements will be made available prior to the election.

We thank each of these applicants for their willingness and desire to serve the NSP.

Aaron YeagerRocky Mountain Division
Chris Huskinsen Intermountain Division
Howard Bates Central Division
Donna Gardino Alaska Division
Christine Garrison Rocky Mountain Division
Jay Zedak Central Division
Liz Dodge Pacific Northwest Division
John Morelli Far West Division
Paul Kelly Eastern Division
Marc Abend Professional Division
Election Coordinator

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